Permission to Do a Survey on Indian Reserves

When working on First Nation lands, the surveyor must obtain permission to enter the reserve prior to commencing the survey. This permission should be in writing and carried by the field crew during the field work while on the Reserve. The permission letter should include a statement of permission to enter the reserve, information on the work that will be carried out, to whom the permission applies, and the signature and title of the person signing the permission letter.

In the case where the Band is the client and has contacted the surveyor, permission may be obtained during discussions with the Band. If the CP (Certificate of Possession) holder has contacted the surveyor, prior to entering the Reserve to do the survey, the Band must be contacted and their permission must be obtained by the surveyor.

It is highly recommended that surveyors consult with, and get permission from Certificate of Possession holders affected by the survey, prior to commencing work.

Approvals to Do a Survey in the Territories

Prior to doing a survey in the Territories, the surveyor must first obtain the necessary authorities and planning approvals as outlined in Chapters C2 and C3 of the General Instructions for the Survey of Canada Lands. Depending on the type of survey and status of land, this may consist of an authority/approval to survey a new crown land disposition issued by a territorial or federal lands department, a subdivision approval of crown or titled land issued by a territorial or municipal planning authority, or an approval to survey a disposition of settlement land issued by an Aboriginal government.