My Canada Land Survey System

MyCLSS is...

a collaborative site between the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS), the Surveyor General Branch (SGB) and the Land Administrating Agencies to allow surveyors to:

  • initiate a survey project
  • request survey instructions
  • use online tools to help the surveyor in the production of official plans
  • monitor project status until completion
  • submit digitally signed survey documents for recording
  • obtain approvals

MyCLSS provides surveyors quick reference to relevant survey information to assist them through the survey process. Surveyors should contact the ACLS to obtain access information.

MyCLSS also provides an electronic tool for land administrators to carry out the approval process of survey plans. Administrators should contact the SGB to obtain access information.

CLEVER web application is available

November 19th, 2018

The CLEVER (Canada Lands e-Validation of Electronic Returns) application is available via a logged in session under the “Data and Tools” menu. -- You must log in to see the CLEVER application menu --

This application validates the conformity of CAD files against the digital spatial file specifications from Appendix E of the “National Standards for the Survey of Canada Lands”. SGB recommends that surveyors use this tool prior to submission of their final returns.

The CLEVER help file and video are located on the help page.